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Hedonism through Abstinence?

My decision to give up drinking had a strange point of origin. I finally committed to the decision after reading an article on the subject by Roger Ebert, but I first started thinking about it after an embarrassing episode on Facebook. Someone I know had posted a link to a video of a large-breasted woman […]

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Low Carb Final Check-In

Well, the two-week trial is over and I lost a total of 2 kilograms (about 4.5 pounds). The crazy hunger-pangs haven’t been bothering me since about day eight. I’m hoping that means my body is adapting to use stored fat as energy instead of just soaking up the easy calories I was consuming. Several people have […]

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Low Carb Day Ten

Things are still going well with the new diet. I’ve dropped just over two kilograms so far and my energy level is great. I don’t know if it should be attributed to low-carbs, no alcohol or something else entirely, but my productivity over the last few weeks has been exponentially greater. Back in January it […]

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Low Carb Day Five

Still on track with the diet and feeling great. I’ve lost just over one kilogram so far. That’s not a whole lot, but the decrease seems consistent enough that I’m comfortable attributing it to the diet change. Energy levels are still very good. Not missing the afternoon crashes at all. I find that I’m hungry […]

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Low Carb Check-In

Coming to the end of day three of my low-carb diet experiment. Not a ton of changes so far, but a few items of note: Slept really poorly for the last two nights. Impossible to say for sure if that has anything to do with carb intake, but it does seem noteworthy. As of this […]

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An Experiment With My Health

One of the realities of every diet and fitness regimen is that your body adapts to the activity you’re performing. In fact, that’s why exercise (and diets) work. The problem is that once your body has adapted to the program you’re on, your return on energy invested starts to drop. In order to keep making […]

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