Low Carb Check-In

Coming to the end of day three of my low-carb diet experiment. Not a ton of changes so far, but a few items of note: Slept really poorly for the last two nights. Impossible to say for sure if that has anything to do with carb intake, but it does seem noteworthy. As of this […]

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An Experiment With My Health

One of the realities of every diet and fitness regimen is that your body adapts to the activity you’re performing. In fact, that’s why exercise (and diets) work. The problem is that once your body has adapted to the program you’re on, your return on energy invested starts to drop. In order to keep making […]

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Binary Vision Chapter 4

A shorter chapter this time that’s really just here to set up some events later in the story. There’s a bit of character development and some (hopefully) funny lines, but I’m concerned it might come across as some otherwise-purposeless exposition. As always, your comments are appreciated.

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Binary Vision Chapter 3

Another chapter available for your reading pleasure (I hope). You can see the first two chapters by clicking on the ‘Binary Vision’ category link in the sidebar.   “I must have found the shadow drive and written the program specifically to crack it.” It was the next morning and I was sitting at the Starbucks […]

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Binary Vision Chapter 2

The next chapter of what could someday be a novel is now available. Hope you like it.   I was twenty minutes late for work and had just sat down at my desk when Brad knocked. I assumed he was there to ream me out for Saturday night, but instead he said he had someone […]

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Chapter One

I’ve decided to start posting chapters of the novel I’ve been working on. I’m eager hear what you think of Chapter One. Introduction You probably don’t know me, but my name is Mikhail Benson, and I’m a genius. Now, I don’t mean I’m a genius like when someone does something really smart and you say, […]

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Upcoming Workshops

In case anyone was wondering about my recent silence, it can be attributed to a trip to Mexico – trip highlights include getting married on January 3rd! We’re back to reality now, and Crystal and I will be doing a weekend of workshops in Parksville on February 5th and 6th. You can find more details […]

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Got There First

I originally stumbled onto this article via Penny Arcade this morning. Among my favorite sound bites: “… any kind of book distribution which provides free copies to people has always, throughout the history of publishing, eventually rebounded to the benefit of the author.” Now, the future of writing and publishing has been one of the […]

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