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Going Strong

Still struggling with the regular blog posts, but life is otherwise pretty smooth. My novel is coming along at the rate of a few pages a day. I’m balancing my writing time between getting words on the page and continuing to revise the outline. My friend Dave attended the Screenwriter’s Summit and we’ve had a […]

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It seems that summer and blogging don’t quite line up for me. Definitely something I’ll get to work on changing over the next few weeks. The gym has been treating me well. My elaborate “eat less, exercise more” plan seems to be paying off. Sorry, no pictures though – this isn’t that kind of website […]

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Best Intentions

I actually got a lot of writing done today, and I planned to tell you about it… Instead, however, I followed a link to Bern’s Steak House and lapsed into a savory, good-food-induced coma for several hours. I’ve never been there (or even to Florida for that matter) but it has now risen to the […]

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Back to the Gym

Reality has been pointing out to me that 34 year old bodies are disinclined to remain in the same shape as their 20 year old forebears. While there are many things about being 20 that I’m happy to leave behind, shape is not one of them. With that in mind I decided to refresh and […]

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(Not) Writing

Lately it seems that every time I finish a job it pulls a hydra on me and grows two new jobs. As a self-employed person I recognize that keeping busy is a good thing, but it can have a negative impact on the writing I get done. Despite having several other things I kinda wanted […]

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Character Development

I do intend to discuss the work I got done on my novel today. However, before I get to that, I went and saw The Losers tonight with a couple of friends. We agreed that it wasn’t actually a good movie – but it also wasn’t bad. Some of my first comments in the post-movie […]

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Finishing My Novel

I’ve been pretty heavily focused on business for the last few months and I haven’t really devoted much time to finishing my personal projects. Now that I feel like I’m relatively on top of Gumboot Books and Live Your Dream, I’ve decided to finish the novel I started during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) last […]

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The Book Project Weekend – Victoria

Crystal and I will be in Victoria on May 22 and 23 for another Book Project Weekend. Over two days we’ll cover all the material in our new books Live Your Dream: Self Publishing For Profit and Live Your Dream: Book Marketing Mixology. If you’re from the Victoria area and you’re interested in seeing your […]

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Thanks for dropping by…

From screenplays to novels to roleplaying and video games, I believe great stories are being told all the time. I enjoy discussing the principles of great storytelling in all its forms and helping people get their great stories out into the world. Feel free to look around, and comments are welcome.

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Many people I know have a distinctly negative view of change in the world. They approach anything new or different with the assumption that it is some sort of corruption of something older (and therefore better). The way I see it, when something changes or is invented, it’s because someone or something saw room for […]

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