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Another use for Diaspora Social Combat

At the end of our last session, the characters had allied with an emerging power in the cluster to attack an orbital base in an isolated system. (You can check out the adventure log here if you’re interested). Their allies were technologically inferior, but they were hoping to make up for it in numbers and […]

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Spellcraft Streamlined

Because I don’t have enough projects on the go, I decided to design a new game. The original concept was based on an iPhone app I designed (and that may still come together at some point). However, since apps require collaboration, and collaboration requires waiting for other people (as well as money), I decided to […]

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Ridiculous Action Sequence

The following sequence was inspired by a session of the Feng Shui roleplaying game from several years ago. I was reminded of it when I was doing a first read-through of my newly arrived copy of Hollowpoint. I remain a fan of Robin Laws, but I think the guys at VCSA are taking both the […]

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Running a Diaspora Heist

Heist movies have always been among my all-time favorites. Heat, Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job, and Mission Impossible hold some of the scenes I longed to bring to the gaming table. Until I found Diaspora (and the FATE system), however, I just couldn’t make it work. I believe the key element in creating a successful […]

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As anyone who has taken my workshops will tell you, I’m a fiend for outlining. I think it’s a combination of my personality and the fact that Robert McKee is one of the strongest influences on me as a writer and editor. Whatever the reason, the fact is that I seldom start any kind of […]

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Musings on Roleplaying

I recently submitted this article to Roleplaying Tips Weekly and Johnn Four (RPT owner) plans to use it in an upcoming issue. It’s basically just a few thoughts on the differences between traditional storytelling and RPGs. I’d love to hear any feedback you have. 1. You write, but you’re not *the* writer. ============================================================ In movie […]

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Thanks for dropping by…

From screenplays to novels to roleplaying and video games, I believe great stories are being told all the time. I enjoy discussing the principles of great storytelling in all its forms and helping people get their great stories out into the world. Feel free to look around, and comments are welcome.

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Austin PTQ (Vancouver)

Last Saturday I played in my first high-level Magic: The Gathering event – the Austin, Texas Pro-Tour Qualifier held in Vancouver, BC (well, technically Burnaby). I played a Combo Elves deck with Mirror Entity as my major win condition. I finished 39th out of 117 people and took home 3 booster packs of Magic 2010 […]

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