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Future of Publishing

The future of the publishing industry is something I put a lot of thought into. I care about this subject not only as a publisher, but as a writer and reader as well. For anyone else who cares about his subject, watch the following video. Not just the first half. Watch it all. I’ll wait.

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I’m not really interested in investigating the reasons behind Microsoft creating a proprietary file extension for the most commonly used document type in the world. I expect it has something to do with struggling to maintain a stranglehold on the market, as most of their decisions seem to be based on that goal. (My indifference […]

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Pitching Your Work in Person

We tend to focus a lot on the query letter side of pitching, but tonight Crystal and I are teaching a workshop for SCBWI West on pitching your work to an editor or agent in person. We thought it was especially appropriate since many writers we know are gearing up for the Surrey International Writers’ […]

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Query Letter Advice

As part of my research for our upcoming Live Your Dream book, Staying Out of the Slush Pile, I’ve been scouring the Internet for tips on writing effective queries. One of the best sites I’ve found is AgentQuery. Definitely worth checking out if you’re at that stage in your project. One of the details I […]

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McKee Article

I’ve added a new section to the site called Articles. My intent is to post a combination of random pieces I’ve written over the years as well as any reader-contributed pieces that are too long to serve as blog posts. The first piece is about Robert McKee’s Story seminar. I’m very curious to see what […]

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As anyone who has taken my workshops will tell you, I’m a fiend for outlining. I think it’s a combination of my personality and the fact that Robert McKee is one of the strongest influences on me as a writer and editor. Whatever the reason, the fact is that I seldom start any kind of […]

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What Not to Write

A solid percentage of the people I meet at conferences and workshops seem to working in the speculative fiction genre (aka fantasy or sci-fi). While the genre does offer some great storytelling opportunities, it is also pretty easy to fall into cliche. I stumbled onto a list of Stories We’ve Seen Too Often on the […]

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Standard Manuscript Formatting

One of the questions that came up a few times at the Calgary Conference was exactly how to format a manuscript you intend to submit to a publisher. My short answer was “as little as possible” but you can find a more detailed description here. Some of the suggestions are a little bit old-school, but […]

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