Spellcraft Streamlined

Because I don’t have enough projects on the go, I decided to design a new game. The original concept was based on an iPhone app I designed (and that may still come together at some point). However, since apps require collaboration, and collaboration requires waiting for other people (as well as money), I decided to create this game in a format I could build myself. My other criteria was that I wanted the game to have the lowest possible barriers to entry.

What I came up with was a game that can be played with a deck of standard playing cards and a small set of poker chips (or beads or other counters).

The premise of the game (in case you’re one of those people who cares about such things) is that each player is a wizard who is attempting to gather arcane energy (cards) and cast a spell. In order to do so, you have to risk personal energy (chips). When you run out of personal energy, you’re out of the game. The winner is the last wizard standing.

I’ve playtested a few dozen times with three different groups and I’m pretty happy with the current rules. It’s simple to learn, the mechanics will be familiar to anyone who has ever played cards before, and there is surprising depth of strategy once you get the basics down.

You can download a fully functional but streamlined version of the game rules in PDF format or ePub:

Spellcraft Streamlined (PDF – Table of contents isn’t linked yet)

Spellcraft Streamlined.epub

I plan to eventually expand on the rules to include custom cards and some roleplaying elements.

I hope you enjoy the game and please let me know what you think!

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