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When I first started my blog, the tagline was “Writer, Editor, Publishing Consultant”. It was a reflection of the things I do professionally, in approximately the order I wanted to prioritize them. Over the years, my actual duties for Gumboot Books and Live Your Dream Workshops meant writing was, in fact, a far distant third to the other two, more pressing, roles.

With the closure of Gumboot Books back in March, I found I was spending more and more time as a publishing consultant. It’s a role I enjoy and it’s a way of taking the hard-earned knowledge Crystal and I have built up over the last 6 years and using it to help people.

The piece of the equation that was still neglected, however, was the one I felt the most strongly about: Writing.

My new tagline, “Telling Stories by Any Means Necessary” is a reflection of how I feel about using multi-media and transmedia techniques to tell stories in the way they are best told.

I think some stories make great books. Other stories look great on the big screen, or the small screen, or the stage. In the past, artists had to choose a single method to tell their story, but there is no need for that anymore. Technology provides tools that let authors tell stories without having to commit to a single medium, and that’s what I’m talking about when I say, “by Any Means Necessary.”

I understand that the phrase was made famous by Malcolm X in reference to the civil rights struggle. I also understand that most people interpret the phrase as a willingness to resort to violence (though I’m not fully convinced that was the intent). I am not making fun of those aspects, nor am I diminishing the importance of the movements that used the words for their purposes (both Malcolm X and Jean Paul Sartre).

What I’m doing is tapping into the power of a phrase to convey how strongly I feel about the art of storytelling and how excited I am about the possibilities of emerging media.

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