Low Carb Final Check-In

Well, the two-week trial is over and I lost a total of 2 kilograms (about 4.5 pounds).

The crazy hunger-pangs haven’t been bothering me since about day eight. I’m hoping that means my body is adapting to use stored fat as energy instead of just soaking up the easy calories I was consuming.

Several people have told me about their low-carb experiences and the consensus seems to be that it definitely works – if you stick with it. There were a number of warnings about how difficult it can be to maintain and how quickly the weight comes back if you “go off” the diet.

Although I originally started this diet as an experiment, I haven’t found the restrictions overly, well, restrictive. I suppose I’m probably not being as strict as I could be (I still eat lots of fruits and vegetables Dr. Atkins wouldn’t approve of) but I’ve eliminated bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and sugar. I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners but I allow myself a packet in my coffee (my last remaining vice) and I feel pretty confident my body can handle it. Maybe the key to my success is that I don’t really see it as a diet. It’s just a different bunch of stuff to eat. A subtle difference, I know, but a critical one… I think.

I guess the final analysis is that there’s no good reason for me not to continue on the low carb route. I feel good and my productivity is excellent. I’ve been eating at home a lot more, which has been good for the pocketbook, and I know my body isn’t missing the alcohol or junk food.

I think the last factor to consider will be the overall increase in dietary cholesterol. I’m due for a checkup in September and I’ll chime in with the results when I get them. Until then I figure that’s about enough diet and exercise talk. Back to the writing!

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