Got There First

I originally stumbled onto this article via Penny Arcade this morning.

Among my favorite sound bites:

“… any kind of book distribution which provides free copies to people has always, throughout the history of publishing, eventually rebounded to the benefit of the author.”

Now, the future of writing and publishing has been one of the foremost topics in my both my digital and analogue worlds for a long time now. Through many conversations and a lot of reading, I feel like I’ve arrived at a very solid understanding of what I want from my work and, by extension, what I want from copyright. Though I totally understand that my goals and opinions are not shared by everyone in the industry, I was quite proud of the way that I had arrived at them and I felt like I was on the cutting edge of successful publishing models. The above article about the Baen Free Library was reassuring to me, since it expressed many of the beliefs I have grown to hold dear. The only disconcerting part of it came at the end, when I noted the publication date.

October 11, 2000!

What the hell took me so long?

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  1. Jim Miller March 18, 2011 at 10:43 pm #

    I like it. Good suggestion about the free stuff. Excellent ending.My site is sort of up. David did the dirty work, now all it needs is content. Check back at the site next week.

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