Baby Steps

After more than 4 years away, I didn’t really plan my return to the gym. One morning I just got up and decided to go and see how the one in my building looked. At the time I didn’t have any expectations beyond a single workout. I was already feeling pretty good thanks to a little over a year of daily exercises at home. With that in mind I just figured I’d see how my fitness level stacked up to the old days when I was a personal trainer.

My first workout was pretty mellow. I did a 5 minute warmup on an elliptical machine, a quick series of stretches and then proceeded to do a single circuit of exercises. One set of each exercise; one exercise per body part.

Legs – Squat
Chest – Flat Bench Press
Back – Medium-Grip Pulldown
Shoulders – Dumbbell Overhead Press
Biceps – Barbell Curl
Triceps – Pressdown

I kept up this routine for a few weeks. I tried to focus on larger movements involving multiple muscle groups. I didn’t record the weights I used, but the first thing I noticed was that I could lift considerably more than I remembered from my workouts back in the day. It took some experimentation but I soon realized it was a factor of my own weight. The big movement exercises – bench press, squat, deadlift – are all closely tied to the mass of the person performing them. I could certainly lift more weight than I had before, but that didn’t actually mean I was in better shape – yet.

(This is part two in a series of posts on my return to a healthy lifestyle. Part one is here).

Has anyone else made some changes in their lifestyle recently? Let’s hear about it!

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