New Workshop Series

Are you located in the Vancouver area and interested in developing your skills in various areas of writing for children?

Crystal and I are pleased to announce we are teaching a new workshop series for the western Canada chapter of the Society For Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) designed to help members develop their craft of writing for children, in addition to some new dates & topics for our Preparing For Publication series that is currently offered in the Vancouver Area. See website for upcoming dates and topics.

Developing Your Craft Series

Writing from real life (June 24)
Often, the stories we are passionate about writing for children are inspired by events that take place in our own lives.  Crafting these ideas into a story that will appeal to a wide audience, as well as to book publishers, is a skill that takes some practice. Learn how to take  your own experiences and use them as a springboard for creating stories with a wide appeal.

Character (July 22)
Your characters form the heart and soul of your stories. This workshop will provide you with powerful tools and techniques for developing an authentic knowledge of who they really are. Come prepared with ideas for two characters, preferably your protagonist and main antagonist.

Setting (August 19)
Developing the world of your characters is crucial to drawing your reader into your story. From picture book to YA novel, you need to set  your stories in a well developed, engaging world. We’ll help you develop the world your characters live in and bring it into vivid focus for  your readers.

Outlining (September 23)
An outline can overcome writer’s block, identify trouble spots in your narrative, give you fuel for dialogue and much more – but only if you use it properly. Learn the ins and outs, tips and tricks of this powerful and versatile part of a writer’s toolkit.

Story Analysis (October 28)
Every story is different, but all great stories have things in common. This interactive workshop will guide you through an analysis of your  story’s plot points, climax and conclusion. Come prepared with an outline (preferred) or rough draft.

Dialogue (November 18)
Making your characters’ speech sound authentic and natural is a critical part of making them come alive to your readers. Our focus in this workshop will be learning how to write dialogue that flows, and expresses the personality of your characters while moving your story forward.

*You can register for individual workshops, or you can register for the whole series at once and get your final workshop for FREE!

TIME: 6:00-9:00 pm (dates listed above)

LOCATION: downtown Vancouver, BC.  (Seymour & Nelson)

TO REGISTER: Spaces are limited, so email Ken Kilback <> to reserve your spot.

PRICE:$60 per session for SCBWI members, and $65 per session for non-members


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