Another use for Diaspora Social Combat

At the end of our last session, the characters had allied with an emerging power in the cluster to attack an orbital base in an isolated system. (You can check out the adventure log here if you’re interested). Their allies were technologically inferior, but they were hoping to make up for it in numbers and […]

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Spellcraft Streamlined

Because I don’t have enough projects on the go, I decided to design a new game. The original concept was based on an iPhone app I designed (and that may still come together at some point). However, since apps require collaboration, and collaboration requires waiting for other people (as well as money), I decided to […]

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Baden Powell from Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon

Looking back over the summer, it seems like some of the best days we had were actually in September. The day Crystal and I decided to hike the Baden Powell trail from Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon (Sunday, Sept. 11/11) was definitely one of them. The weather was perfect for hiking – nice and sunny […]

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Hiking Arrowsmith Lookout

Crystal has been telling me about the Arrowsmith Lookout hike ever since we started talking about hiking. Last week we were on the island visiting family, so we decided to check it out. Friday, September 2/11 was the day we chose. Ratings Trail Condition: 4/5 With the exception of a short section at the very […]

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Hiking Stawamus Chief

Crystal and I had been talking about hiking “The Chief” for a while and, on August 28, 2011, we finally got around to it. I had hiked the trail before, but it was quite a few years ago, so I looked it up on We usually stick to trails with transit access, but there […]

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Episode 2 Animation

While animating this episode of my Diaspora campaign my focus was on learning a bit more about the Timelines feature from Tumult Hype. I’m pretty sure timelines will allow me to insert more interactive features. For example, in this sequence I’ve inserted a little “easter egg” in the final frame of each scene. Just a […]

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Episode One Animation

As part of my efforts to expand my storytelling expertise, I’ve been teaching myself some basic HTML5 animation techniques with a program called Tumult Hype. For now I’m using the simplest artwork possible so I can focus on the animation and storytelling techniques (so please excuse the stick people).

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Running a Diaspora Heist

Heist movies have always been among my all-time favorites. Heat, Ocean’s Eleven, The Italian Job, and Mission Impossible hold some of the scenes I longed to bring to the gaming table. Until I found Diaspora (and the FATE system), however, I just couldn’t make it work. I believe the key element in creating a successful […]

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